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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

6:00 PM to 8:45 PM

  Fenwick & West LLP
801 California Street
Mountain View
, CA 94041

Event Introduction

Mobile technology is getting widely used in the healthcare organizations. How the mobile support and the mobile applications used in various clinical environments will be very different. It also depends on end-users (clinician, care givers, patients, etc.) who use the technology. We will present and discuss various mobile technologies used in the healthcareorganization.


There will be limited seating for this event. We reserve the right to decline admission once full capacity is reached.

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6:00 pm Registration & Networking

6:30 pm Welcome Remarks: SVCWireless & HYSTA

6:35 pm Main Presentation

8:45 pm End


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  • junhuangDr. Jun C Huang, Director of Architecture and Planning Mobility and Information Services KPIT Care Delivery BIO
  • songliangDr. Sam Song Liang, Co-Founder and CEO of Alohar Mobile

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Jun Huang, Director of Architecture and Planning Mobility and Information Services KPIT Care Delivery BIO

Dr. Jun Huang graduated with a PhD in applied Artificial Intelligence from the University of Manchester in the UK. Over the past twenty years since his graduation Dr. Huang has played strategic technology and architectural roles in large organizations as well as start-up businesses in health care, financial services, e-commerce, wireless and telecommunications industries. After leaving his academic Computer Science lectureship in the UK, he ventured into a number of technology start-up businesses in Canada, one of which has become part of Telus Communications in western Canada. Subsequently Dr. Huang came to the United States and led the application architecture for Charles Schwab's retail trading web site, the first online site for individual investors in the USA. Over the last several years, Dr. Huang has played a highly impactful role in shaping the direction of technology adoption at Kaiser Permanente. He has led the re-architecting of the member/patient web site, kicked off Kaiser's SOA program and co-founded the Mobility Center of Excellence, which has delivered the first set of Kaiser's external facing mobile applications for iPhone and Android. Dr. Huang is currently Director of Data, Analytics and Collaboration at Kaiser Permanente's Care Delivery Business Information Office, responsible for delivering innovative solutions for clinical analytics, mobile clinical data access and mobile applications for clinicians


Dr. Jun Huang Presentation Synopsis

Different clinical workflows and settings require varying degree of mobility support for clinicians. Inpatient, outpatient, ER and other scenarios have some common needs for mobile applications but the needs also differ significantly between the scenarios. Furthermore, mobile applications are just the tip of the iceberg in the end-to-end system architecture and require significant flexibility in the underlying backend systems.

This presentation outlines what the author has learnt about physician usage of mobile applications through his personal experience of working with physicians in different workflow scenarios and clinical settings. It also discusses the architectural challenges that face the mobile application development community.


Dr. Sam Song Liang, Co-Founder and CEO Alohar Mobile

Alohar Mobile Inc. is a startup in Palo Alto founded by three Stanford alumni. It is still in stealth mode, however, it has attracted an all-star investor team, including Fortinet CEO, Ken Xie; very first investor in Google, Stanford Professor David Cheriton; the legendary DFJ founder, Tim Draper, etc. Alohar Mobile is building a new mobile behavior platform that enables a completely new class of mobile applications, and brings real intelligence into applications like mobile health, mobile games, mobile shopping or even dating apps.

Sam Song Liang is the Co-Founder and CEO of Alohar Mobile. Before founding Alohar, Sam was the Architect and Team Lead for the Google Location Server (GLS) for more than three and half years. He designed the architecture of the GLS from scratch, and led its development and production deployment, which grew from zero to a billion queries per day. GLS is the central server that provides location services from a spectrum of location sources and powers Google Mobile Map and other location-based mobile services. Sam also led Google's Location API design and implementation, which is being used by thousands of applications, both Google and third-party's, on iPhone, Android, and other platforms.

Sam has a number of fundamental patents in wireless and mobile technologies. Sam got his Ph.D in EE from Stanford University, specializing in Internet protocols and distributed systems, and his BS in CS from Peking University.


Dr. Sam Song Liang Presentation Synopsis

How to use smartphones to help improve health by using persistent sensing.

Mobile phones are getting smarter, however mobile apps are still in their early stages. Alohar Mobile develops an innovative persistent sensing technology that enables mobiles that can automatically understand user's mobile behavior, such as the user's mobile mode (walking/driving/sitting) and the places the user likes to visit, such as gyms, tennis courts or junk food restaurants. Such automatic understanding enables large number of smarter apps that can help people monitor their own daily life, track their mobile metrics, improve their health awareness and help them develop healthier mobile life style. This talk will demonstrate how Alohar Mobile leverages multiple sensors that are already available on iPhone and Android phones, such as location, accelerometer, WiFi, compass, etc., to develop the mobile behavior analytics platform. Alohar makes this platform freely available to app developers, who can develop smart mobile health and other mobile apps.

For more reference, check out the article by Computer World that talks about Quantifying Life using technologies Alohar created: Are You Ready for a Quantified Life?

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