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Date & Time:   Wednesday, May 30, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PT)
Venue:   PARKING MAP for CHECK-IN at BLDG. 43: Google Campus, Building 40, 2nd Floor, Rm: Seville Tech Talk, 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain view, CA

Event Introduction


Mobile is booming and Mobile Monetization is becoming more challenging: Mobile Ads, Mobile API, Mobile Commerce, in-app purchase, and etc. How to turn your mobile applications to real revenue machines and sustain your business for long term?

Come and join our mobile monetization event on May 30, 2012, where industry experts and leaders share their experience and secret weapon in enabling mobile monetization. As an audience, you will have the opportunity to connect with successful entrepreneurs, investors and talented mobile developers.


  • James Pearce, Head of Mobile Developer Relations, Facebook
  • Miri Lee, Product Operations and Escalations Manager, Google
  • Alan Tang, Sales Engineer, Google Mobile Ads
  • Shirley Lin, Executive Vice President, Beintoo
  • Todd Chipman, Founder/CEO, Spreezio
  • Jack Jia, Founder & CEO, Trusper; Partner, GSR Ventures; Founder & Chairman, Baynote; Angel Investor

Jammes Pearce Miri Lee Alan Tang Shirley Lin Todd Chipman Jack Jia



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6:00pm Registration & Networking
7:00pm Welcome Remarks: Harry Feng, SVCWireles

7:15pm Introduction of Panelists by Moderator: Jack Jia

7:30pm Panelist Speech

8:00pm Panel Discussion
8:30pm Q&A

9:00pm Networking

9:30pm End


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Speaker Biography:


James Pearce, Head of Mobile Developer Relations, Facebook

Jammes Pearce is the Head of Mobile Developer Relations at Facebook, a developer and writer with a special passion for mobile and exploring its untapped potential.

His mobile projects include confess.js, WhitherApps, tinySrc,, Device Atlas, and mobiForge. Previously at Sencha, dotMobi, Argogroup and Ernst & Young, he has also written books on the mobile web for Wrox & Wiley.

Please find him at /jamesgpearce, @jamespearce or


Miri Lee, Product Operations and Escalations Manager, Google

Miri Lee is a Product Operations Manager for platform mobile display products at Google. She has been working in the mobile advertising space for 2 1/2 years, managing strategic clients, releasing product features and overseeing support operation for the mobile publisher solutions.


Prior to Google, Miri worked as web developer and a system administrator while earning her M.S. in Computer Science at New York University.


Alan Tang, Sales Engineer, Google Mobile Ads

Alan Tang is a Sales Engineer at Google. He has been working with strategic partners in Google Mobile Ads and AdSense area for 2 years. Previously, he worked at Qualcomm and Philips in China and Europe.


He received a MBA degree from University of California, Irvine and a B.S. in Computer Science from Beijing Jiaotong University.

Shirley Lin, Executive Vice President, Beintoo

Shirley Lin 林青鸿,is the Executive Vice President of Asia Operations and Business Development at Beintoo ( Based in Milan and Silicon Valley, Beintoo is a mobile gamification platform that powers patent pending reward and user loyalty engines to open up multi-channels for mobile monetization.  She is responsible for the business development, developer community relations in US as well as building partnership and operations in the Asia regions. 

Shirley is also the "Chief Squawker" of 800 Birds.  Based in Silicon Valley, it is well known as an organically grown startup community with over 900 members strong.  She has been advising various startups from around the world and in 2011 helped two startups successfully receiving angel funding.

Previously she founded YoXi123, developing fun social app Huggy Hearts. "YoXi", pronounced as “you-shi”, is a popular Chinese word for "game play" or "play game".  Prior to that, she co-founded WooMeOver, a social site connecting jewelry lovers and jewelry designers. She worked in various startups including V.P. of Operations at Kavayi Software, an online baby-book creator, and founder of Cajava, a video sharing site.

Before becoming a serial entrepreneur, she held various development management capacity at Tandem Computers (now HP), Tymnet (now MCI), and was a hard-core aerospace programmer at NASA, Johnson Space Center in Houston, on the Space Shuttle programs.  She holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Texas A&M and a B.A. from National Taiwan University.


Todd Chipman, Founder & CEO, Spreezio

Todd Chipman is the founder and CEO of Spreezio, having over 20-years of entrepreneur and Fortune 500 experience.  Spreezio’s MAKEaDEAL mobile application allows consumers to make merchandise offers to over 100 National Retailers… think “Priceline for mobile local shopping”.  Mr. Chipman has a patent-pending for “Location-Based Just-In-Time Advertising and Shopping”, which provides  the technology foundation for the only personalized mobile shopping application in the world.


He was the Senior Director of Worldwide Services for BEA Systems, Inc. Under his leadership, he co-invented Guardian which prevented customers from finding known software defects and built a $31M Mission Critical Support program in 2.5 years.


Prior to joining BEA, Todd held executive roles as SVP of WW Marketing at Allied Telesyn, VP of Product Management at CenterBeam, and VP of Research at Giga Information Group that IPO’d in 1999. He was named one of the top-two industry analysts in the world by InternetWeek in 1998.


As Director of Product Marketing at Novell, Todd helped create the highly acclaimed network management solutions, ManageWise and LanaLyzer for Windows.  He cofounded TRIicon Solutions that was acquired by Tandem Computers in 1994 and started his career at Tandem as a SNA Software Developer.


Chipman graduated from the University of Idaho with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Computer Science, an MBA from Pepperdine University (Cum Laude), and did postgraduate work at the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley.


Jack Jia, Founder & CEO, Trusper; Partner, GSR Ventures; Founder & Chairman, Baynote; Angel Investor

Jack Jia wears many hats. He is a founder and CEO of Trusper, a stealth mobile social startup in Silicon Valley. He is also a partner of GSR Ventures and an angel investor. Mr. Jia is a founder and founding CEO of Baynote, Inc., a leading recommendation software company valued at $100 mil. Before Baynote, Jack was the founding CTO at Interwoven Inc. (NASDAQ: IWOV, now HP), a leading software company that pioneered CMS category and valued at $7 billion. Prior to Interwoven, he was a founder and CEO of V-max America, making Micron the #1 PC in China in the mid 90’s. Jack also led Unix kernel development at Sun, SGI, Stratus, and NASA for over 8 years.

Jack received an MBA from Santa Clara University, an MSEE from NYU-Poly, and a BSEE/MSCE from Beijing Jiaotong University.

He was recognized as one of the 40 most accomplished oversea Chinese entrepreneurs and scholars by the Chinese central government as PRC celebrating its 60 founding anniversary. He was voted as an Outstanding Alumnus by the five Jiaotong universities. Jack holds more than 20 technology patents. He is also a board member and former president of Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association (HYSTA).


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